Terms & Conditions

Rules & Regulations

You agree to this Agreement by accessing our website. The right to modify these terms at any time and without previous notice is reserved by cardboardkraftboxes.com. As a result, please read this page in its entirety regularly.

Cardboardkraftboxes.com does not distribute or sell any content to outside parties. Although our business does reserve the right to offer free samples of your printed goods or things, it may also choose to display them online to demonstrate its knowledge and proficiency in the field.

Customer Content

Any content you provide to us, upload, post, transmit, or advertise on or through our website will be your responsibility. You acknowledge that anything you send, upload, publicly display on our website, or utilize in any way related to the contents of our site must never contain any trademarks, text, or images. You also won’t upload, post, or otherwise make public any third-party copyrighted works unless you first secure appropriate permission from their owners to use them.

You acknowledge that you won’t use our services or website to advertise services or goods that would infringe on the publicity rights of third parties. Additionally, you won’t use any other intellectual property or proprietary rights that are illegal, threatening, abusive, harmful, harassing of another entity’s privacy, false, vulgar, trade libelous, purposefully misleading, obviously offensive, obscene (such as any material that incites hatred, promotes physical harm, racism, or any other act that is against a specific person or group), or that can be particularly harmful to minors.

Supposed, we have no control over the content that users of our website post or submit. As a result, we cannot guarantee the content’s integrity, accuracy, or quality. Cardboardkraftboxes.com disclaims all responsibility for any offensive, illegal, or harassing site content that you may find.

Please recognize that cardboardkraftboxes.com has the right to delete or remove any content that might be offensive or violates the Terms and Services. Cardboardkraftboxes.com reserve all rights to maintain the content placed on or on the website. Additionally, it may be disclosed for the following reasons: (a) upholding the terms of service; (b) adhering to court orders; (c) responding to claims that content on our website violates the rights of third parties; and (d) defending the security and rights of our website, its visitors, and the general public.

You must submit accurate information to our website if you want to order our products, therefore please do so. No robots are allowed to use or access the website we created. Strict legal action will be taken against any malicious or fraudulent use of our website that compromises the Terms and Services of our cardboardkraftboxes.com organization. Such behavior will be regarded as unlawful.

You must be confident that you have all the authorizations and legal rights to use our website and place a purchase. On your behalf, cardboardkraftboxes.com will unquestionably produce something unique and distinctive in terms of items. You must be sure you are of legal age to use our website and create any form of legal responsibility for any liability you might incur as a customer.

Your account login information and other information are legally yours to keep private. Your registered accounts on our website will be accessible only to you. You are responsible for fulfilling all orders and requests made. If someone uses your account to purchase on our website, it will be on your behalf and under your responsibility. When you or a person with your permission has access to your account, you are allowed access to the website to create, modify, or reuse content from our website. When you or anyone else with access to your account uses, creates, modifies, reproduces, or displays content from our website, you permit them to do so.

Users must register their emails and passcodes for future access to enjoy all the functions available on our website, according to our policy. Our website shall have the right to request personal or commercial information if necessary.

You alone will be in charge of keeping your password and any login information secure. These specifics are not to be discussed with or in front of anyone. You agree to accept full responsibility for any nefarious activity if someone uses or gains access to your account without your permission.

If you visit our website frequently and decide to utilize our services, this is evidence that you accept the Privacy Policy imposed by cardboardkraftboxes.com. Additionally, you concur that you have fully read and comprehended the Privacy Policy. You consent to the company collecting and using your personal or commercial data following the terms of the privacy statement.

Limitation of Liability & Indemnification

Suppose a claim, charge, arbitration demand, demand, action, or proceeding is brought against the company (collectively, a claim). In that case, your company agrees to defend cardboardkraftboxes.com and its staff, including employees, directors, representatives, suppliers, vendors, affiliates, and subcontractors, from and against any damages, claims, or changes, primarily due to claimed wrongdoing by customers or printing that was requested by customers but was not verified by the company.

In any case, cardboardkraftboxes.com will be held responsible for any death, accident, loss, injury, damage, claim, or special punitive, including those involving its employees, members, directors, representatives, affiliates, and subcontractors, that may be brought on by using the website or by information obtained from it even if any party had been informed of the likelihood or potential for such damages.

The business will never be entirely responsible to the consumers for any losses, damages, and causes of action, including but not limited to negligence, coming from this agreement. Or, using the website, incur costs more extraordinary than those you have already paid our business for any requests or orders.

Refund and Return Policy

Within the following three business days following your purchase receipt, you must notify the company if any delivered products are discovered to be defective or if the printing needs to be done following the provided instructions. These options are not eligible for resale because they have been customized. Because of this, we will reprint your original order, but we do not provide any financial reimbursements. Our management team will carry out the defect analysis. Customers must send original photos of the defective products to receive a reprint of their original order. Additionally, to receive the reprints, they must ship the defective products to our organization within 7 business days at their own cost. The company will not be using the defective products. Remember that accelerated orders will incur fees that cannot be reimbursed.

Payments, Order Placements, and Order Cancellations

The pricing listed on the website is all in US dollars. USD, or dollars. The transactions will also be conducted in this currency. The staff will start working on the project or order once the company receives the cost. But remember that these costs will cover all applicable taxes, shipping, designing, etc. A prospective payment source will be used to receive the payment.

Users must also accept the final electronic specification sheet for the services or printed products they wish to order place order. Once you are particular about the order you have placed with us and after you have given us your final permission, your order will be executed. The production will only be handled after the final permission has been followed. There are no chances of a change to the timeline, design, quantity, etc., once you have authorized a task and it has been sent to production. However, once the order has received final approval, clients can cancel it during the next four hours.

Keep in mind that the company will charge you for this cancellation. You must pay $25 or at least 10% of the total order amount, whichever is greater. Additionally, buyers have the choice to cancel their order within the following 12 hours of placing it. The cancellation fees will then increase to 35% of the total order value. This is a defense for the company’s use of resources, materials, and labor. The business invested in creating your products, for which you will pay. However, after you have done so after 12 hours, the company cannot guarantee that your order will be canceled.

Services for Design

Cardboardkraftboxes.com will provide free design assistance to you. However, if customers place an order and then decide to cancel it after the designing services have been supplied, the designing services will be charged under the time and services provided by the organization. Additionally, cardboardkraftboxes.com will not provide any changes or refunds for design service orders. The customers agree not to cancel their purchases for designing services alone.

Sales Tax Procedures

Orders placed and delivered in New York will be assessed Sales Tax. Customers must present their tax exemption certificate when placing their order with us if they want to be exempt from paying taxes.

Customers’ Artwork and Files

After receiving the clients’ artwork, our talented designers work on it to provide fresh, eye-catching designs. Customers must ensure that any artwork or graphic files they submit have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. The format must be CMYK as well. This guarantees that the clients will receive the highest quality products.

Customers that send graphic or artwork files in file types other than CMYK will be entirely responsible for any inflated, blurred, or other issues that we do not think appropriate. Or in variations of the sizes, typefaces, or formats specified by the business in this section.

To prevent client loss, cardboardkraftboxes.com takes numerous safety precautions. However, it must be mentioned that the customer will be held accountable if there are any differences in the finished product after the purchase. This disregard is not the company’s fault. Furthermore, cardboardkraftboxes.com won’t take responsibility for misplaced customer-printed orders.

Customers are responsible for ensuring that any artwork, graphics, or other text they supply to the business for reference or production purposes is legally their property.

Cardboardkraftboxes.com retains the right to refuse any order that is illegal or violates a third party’s rights. When you order as a customer, you accept sole responsibility and obligation for the content produced following your instructions.

Additionally, cardboardkraftboxes.com reserves the right to refuse any order without providing a justification that would be clear to anybody. Cardboardkraftboxes.com will also not print any defamatory, illegal, or abusive content.

Precision in Color and Proofs

Once they confirm the purchase, our clients are fully responsible for delivering the finalized product or service. For us to move on with the final product or prints, they must make sure that these are submitted in hard copy or electronically. The final proof must be produced entirely by the customers. Customers are urged to thoroughly review the proof, make necessary updates, and send it for printing. The business won’t be held liable for any printing delays brought on by proofreading mistakes or if customers can’t deliver the final proof on time. Additionally, remember that the usual turnaround time given by our organization refers to the period following the clients’ final confirmation of the actual design or product requirements.

Before sending it to us and agreeing to it, we strongly suggest our customers properly review the proofs, including the layout, designs, images, expected problems in the copy, punctuation, and errors in spelling and spacing. If there are any errors in the printed vision of products with laminations, cardboardkraftboxes.com will not be held liable.

Due to printing restrictions, the company cannot guarantee precise color matching as stated in supplied artwork files or proofs. Although cardboardkraftboxes.com makes every effort to ensure that the printing material matches the artwork or proof as closely as possible, you must understand that the company cannot be held liable for the ink, color, or density of the printed items approved by the client.
We will only guarantee color correctness or match if you buy a hard copy proof. Please be aware that hard-copy proofs cost a little more.

No Responsibility for Mistakes

Since it is assumed that the clients have checked the grammar, spelling, layout, content, etc., cardboardkraftboxes.com will not be held accountable. According to our assumptions, the customers have made sure that these factors are corrected. We will not accept responsibility or liability for any errors involving graphics, misspellings, damaged fonts, grammar, punctuation, transparency, improper layout, overprinting, fold lines or incorrect cuts, bleeding, crop marks or die lines, sizing, etc.

Underruns and Overruns

Although it is common practice to provide 5% more or less of the ordered merchandise, for cardboardkraftboxes.com, we ship the exact order that was placed along with a small amount extra that is not charged to you.

Order Fulfillment, Shipment, and Production

Remember that your turnaround time with cardboardkraftboxes.com begins once you have paid for your order in full advance. Once your proof has been approved, we will need all the information required to complete your order (accurate data files, all artwork, shipping information, all essential typefaces for editable forms, etc.). Production delays may result from any delays in receiving any of the information mentioned above. Any such delays are not the responsibility of the company. The turnaround time (3 to 4 business days) reflects a different delivery period. A minor delay is anticipated because we are now dealing with many orders and shipments.

Copyright Disclaimer

By using our website, you agree that any logos, trademarks, data, photos, content, graphics, maps, icons, illustrations, and other pertinent content generally referred to as “Our Website Content” is the sole property of cardboardkraftboxes.com and that you are fully aware of this. No one is allowed to use this or make any alterations. Therefore, you cannot duplicate, save, modify, republish, or distribute this content. This behavior is forbidden and will result in severe legal consequences. For this purpose, you will need the company’s written consent.

Terms of Service Changes

The most recent revision of our Terms of Service is available on this page. The terms of service are always subject to change.

In its sole discretion, the firm maintains the right to modify, revise, or replace all or any portion of these Terms of Service by publishing the revised Terms of Service on the website. You are in charge of periodically monitoring our website for updates or changes. After posting any revisions to the Terms of Services, your continuing use of our website, access to it, or usage of our service will be deemed your acceptance of these changes.